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BBQ Haque - Sabayon Abandonnée (Video)

Noise-Jam soundtrack to a wild visual landscape.

Polemics - Hegemon (Video)

The newest single and video from a powerhouse of a UK band that I really appreciate for their incredible rhythmic focus.

Katmaz - Molly is Poly (Video)

A very cool visual spectacle that accompanies a solid groovy jam.

Red Bull & Hennessy (November 2019 Playlist)

It's getting colder. Here's a warm-up.

Kopper - Fading Fires (Video)

A fantasically creative video from London psych punks, Kopper.

No Cares - No Teenage Rage

Short punchy songs to fuel your next summer road trip.

The Holy Gasp - The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex

Quirky big band fueled punk rock for when you’re looking for something different.

Secret Baby - It's a Secret, Baby

Secret Baby plays innovative garage rock with a trippy backbone.

Secret Baby - Pillow Fight (Video)

Riff-driven rock that’ll keep you guessing.

The World is Falling Apart (August 2018)

Here’s a playlist to satisfy your late summer dreams.

Interpol - If You Really Love Nothing (Video)

Interpol is back with their sixth studio record Marauder. Here’s the video for the lead single “If You Really Love Nothing”.

Elsa Lester - Dinner Party

Elsa Lester brings a rockin’ upbeat EP perfect to get you moving.

Best of 2019!

A collection of some of the best songs I've heard this year.

Interview - Lindsey Walker

An interview and live set with Lindsey Walker about her newest album This Desolate Bliss. Recorded live at CILU Radio in Thunder Bay, on May 31, 2018

The Green Door - Wolf in the Fold

The Green Door is 60s Acid Rock taking Roots out to the desert to show it how to party.

Luke De-Sciscio - The Sky Exhaled (Video)

Luke De-Sciscio made a video as intricate as the folk song he made it for.

Casual Male

An EP of Indie Rock epics to warm you up and get you through till spring.

Rosie Tucker - Spinster Cycle

Bouncy folk-rock to wrench your heart.

Steevn - Fools Gold

If 1960s Bob Dylan had access to 2017 technology, he'd sound a lot like Steevn.

Deer Venom

Grungy post-punk with a funky edge. It'll make your day.

Deer Venom - Not Today (Video)

Remember that rad grungy Deer Venom EP? They made a video!

Best Of 2018

The Best

Interview - Rooftop Love Club

Rooftop Love Club hails from Toronto and plays that soupy, stoner blues that'd make you want to melt if you weren't so busy bouncing.

Miesha & the Spanks - Girls Girls Girls

High energy love songs from a fixture of Calgary's rock n' roll scene.

The Wombombs (Video)

A rad surf tune from a great Florida rock n' roll band.

Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals

This is some of the most unique punk rock you'll hear this year.

Why Not - Friends.

Minneapolis math rock by some very talented dudes with a lot of life in front of them to make great things happen.

The Reeks

This is the kind of punk rock that got me into punk rock in the first place.

Chemical Bank - Mouthfeel (Video)

New Video for Mouthfeel from Chemical Bank. Electronic music for your Monday.

Best of 2017

These are some of my favourites of 2017

Time, Wasted (March 2018)

Here's this playlist I made for you.

Blame Confusion (May 2018)

A playlist for May 2018

Trophy Wife

April 2018

Interview with Miesha & The Spanks

Miesha's teased us with a short EP and promised an album in 2018.

Interview - Woodpigeon

Mark Andrew Hamilton from the band Woodpigeon talks about his record T R O U B L E.

Chemical Bank - SlowBurnAlibiWatchDogGroupSupport

Experimental electronic music to help you forget that guitars are a thing.

Hearty Har - Creation Frustration

Incredible modern psychedelic rock with just enough nostalgia to remind you of the roots of the genre.

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