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About The Sonic Blender

The Sonic Blender started as radio show on CILU Radio, based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Twelve years in it felt right to expand its reach to include this companion website. The show is still happening, you can hear it every Thursday from 8 to 10pm (Eastern). You can tune in live on 102.7fm if you happen to be in Thunder Bay, but more than likely you’ll find yourself streaming at www.luradio.ca or by using your favourite web streaming radio app. Consider this your invitation to do just that..

The Sonic Blender provides a weekly dose of new and random music in the hopes you’ll stumble onto something delightful. There’s an emphasis on emerging Canadian music, but nothing’s off limits. You’ll hear interviews, spotlights and a little extra information about the music you hear. My goal with the website is to expand on what I’m able to accomplish in my 2 hours a week on the air. It’ll serve as a means of archiving and more widely distributing interviews I’ve done. My focus, at least short term, will be on providing short-form reviews of albums and bands that I come across. I expect that some will be at least familiar to you, but I hope that many are not. If you share a similar taste in music as I do, I hope you come back often to see what’s new.